How to Make Ricotta Gnocchi al Limone

These homemade ricotta gnocchi are so pillowy and tender, paired with a creamy lemon pepper sauce.

Step 1: Drain the ricotta with a paper towel or cheesecloth.

How to Make It:

Step 2. Mix the dough ingredients together (ricotta, eggs, cheese, salt, and pepper).

Step 3. Add enough flour until a dough comes together and it feels just barely sticky.

Step 4. Generously dust the dough with flour all over.

Step 5. Using a quarter of dough at a time, roll the quarter into a long, snakelike rope.

Step 6.  Cut the rope into small, pillow-shaped pieces. Repeat with the remaining dough.

Step 7. Make the al limone sauce with butter, lemon, cheese, and pepper. Boil the gnocchi until tender, then toss them in the sauce.

The result? Creamy, tender gnocchi in a tart lemon sauce with plenty of black pepper.

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